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Odisha Sub-Ordinate Staff Selection Commission

(OSSSC), Govt. of Odisha

Website/Web portal Privacy Policy

Who is covered by this Policy ?

All visitors ("visitors") who visit the Website/Web portal, and provide/receive information online to/from the Odisha Sub-ordinate Staff Selection Commission, herein after called OSSSC in short, are covered under this Policy.

Information covered by this Policy ?

This Policy seeks to cover all information of the visitors provided/received from/to OSSSC online as also any information collected by the OSSSC server from the visitors’ browser. ("the Information")

The Features of the Policy :

All Information collected shall only be used to provide the Visitor with the best possible services.

The Information shall not be shared with any external organization unless the same is necessary to enable OSSSC to provide the visitors services or the same is necessary or required pursuant to applicable law, acts or the terms and conditions applicable to such Information as agreed to with OSSSC. The OSSSC may also share Information to provide the visitors with better services.

The OSSSC will use the Information to improve the visitors’ experience on the site and to offer subsequent services to them.

The OSSSC Website uses cookies. Cookies are small data files that a website stores in computer. The Website uses persistent/temporary cookies which are permanently/temporarily placed on the computer to store the information.

The Website uses the information stored in encrypted/unencrypted form in the cookies to improve visitors’ experience and to provide site functionalities.

The OSSSC also may disclose information about its visitors as permitted or required by law and acts in force.


This is the Official Website/Web portal of Odisha Sub-Ordinate Staff Selection Commission (OSSSC). This Website/Web portal has been developed by National Informatics Centre. OSSSC is the owner of this Website/Web portal & the contents in this Website/Web portal are being provided and updated by the OSSSC. It is deemed that the visitors to this Website/Web portal have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the Privacy Policy and Usage Terms and Conditions of the Website/ Web portal. Any suggestions or queries in regard to this Website/Web portal may be sent to the Secretary, OSSSC. Ph: / Fax: 0674-2597155, E-mail:Mail for

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