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Odisha Sub-Ordinate Staff Selection Commission

(OSSSC), Govt. of Odisha

Functionaries in Position

Sl. No. Name Designation Incumbency
From To
Contact Number
1 Shri Ashok Meena, IAS Chairman From 13.05.16 - Cont. 0674-2597169 (O)
2 Sri Bishnu Prasad Mishra, OAS (SS) Secretary From 18.04.18 - Cont. 0674-2597155 (O)
3 Smt Lopamudra Mohapatra, OAS (S) Joint Secretary From 19.04.18 - Cont. 0674-2597158 (O)
4 Sri Mahendra Kumar Mahalik, OT&AS Accounts Officer From 09.08.17 - Cont. 0674-2597126 (O)
5 Sri Ugresan Panda (Retd.,Reengaged) Consultant From 06.09.17 - Cont. 0674-2597106 (O)
6 Smt. Mahamaya Mohanty Section Officer From 31.05.13 - Cont.  
7 Sri. Sitaram Routray (Retd., Reengaged) O.S.D From 30.06.14 - Cont.  
8 Sri. Rajesh Kumar Jena Jr. Assistant From 03.03.15 - Cont  
9 Mrs Soumyajyoti Subudhi Jr. Assistant From 28.10.15 - Cont  
10 Sri Jiban Dharua Jr. Assistant From 16.11.15 - Cont.  
11 Sri Bikash Pradhan Statistical Assistant From 03.12.14 - Cont.  
12 Sri Ajay Kumar Dash P.A. From 01.06.13 - Cont.  
13 Sri Pravakar Sahoo Sr. Stenographer From 01.07.13 - Cont.  
14 Sri Prasanta Kumar Sabat DEO (Outsourced) From 22.05.13 - Cont.  
15 Sri Guru Prasad Behera Driver (Outsourced) From 01.06.13 - Cont.  
16 Sri Bijay Kumar Ballav Driver(Outsourced) From 26.06.13 - Cont.  
17 Sri Saumya Ranjan Panda Peon(Outsourced) From 04.05.13 - Cont.  
18 Sri Soumendra Gochhayat Peon(Outsourced) From 10.05.13 - Cont.  
19 Sri Amar Ankit Mohapatra Peon(Outsourced) From 10.10.13 - Cont.  
20 Sri. Sujesh Kumar Digal Peon(Outsourced) From 13.11.13 - Cont.  


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