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Govt. of Odisha

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between 10 AM to 5 PM on official days

Job Assignments

The Secretary is responsible for carrying out the entire process of conducting recruitment examinations including appointment of the question setters/ examiners, obtaining question papers, keeping them in safe custody, ensuring the identity of the candidates, timely supply of question papers to the different centers, proper invigilation, safe custody of answer books, tabulation of marks obtained by the candidates in such examinations and publication of results under supervision of the Chairman.

The Deputy Secretary shall assist the Secretary in conduct of all recruitment examinations. He is the ex-officio First Appellate Authority under the RTI Act and the Contact Officer in respect of OLA matters. He deals with matters relating to timely compliance of orders of all Courts and the Tribunal. He is also responsible for timely preparation of counter in court cases and for appropriate compliance of audit reports.

The Under Secretary deals with all establishment and legal matters and is the Officer-in-charge of the stock and stores and official records of the Commission. He is the Assistant Controller of Examinations conducted by the Commission and is the PIO under the RTI Act. He is also to attend to disposal of all complaints and allegations. All tender and procurement matters are handled by him.

The Accounts Officer is responsible for maintenance of the Commission's financial accounts, timely rendering of accounts and submission of returns every month. He regulates the budgetary provision, sanctions, financial approvals, drawl and disbursement of allotments in the Commissions office as per the OGFR and the guidelines of the Finance Department, government of Odisha, issued from time to time.